- enter mcafee activation code

Start protecting your devices with mcafee security - download, install and activate mcafee with mcafee activation code from Redeem mcafee activate product key by creating mcafee account. To activate mcafee follow three Steps 1. Go to, 2. enter activation code and Submit, 3. login you your mcafee account and secure your PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphones.

How to Create Mcafee Account?

  1. Open web browser and type
  2. Click on account option (top right corner)
  3. Click on sign in button
  4. Click on register
  5. Fill the required information such as - name, email address, password etc.
  6. Click on "I Agree" button
  7. Your mcafee account is successfully created

What is mcafee activation code?

Mcafee activation Code is 25 digits alphanumerical code, which can be found on the backside of a retail card of the purchased McAfee product. Rub on the backside of the McAfee retail card to get the activation code which looks like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx. If you have purchased mcafee online from then you have to check confirmation email to see the mcafee product key

How to download or activate mcafee from

  1. Open the web browser to type
  2. Type your 25 digit mcafee activation code in input Box, Click Submit
  3. Login to your mcafee account by entering email and password
    • Your Mcafee subscription is activated now
  4. Click on download button, file will be downloaded in your download folder
  5. Run downloaded file to install mcafee
  6. Agree on term and conditions
    • You device is protected with Mcafee Security

Activate mcafee with activation code

  1. Open the installed icon of mcafee product
  2. Click on activate button
    • Activation wizard will appear
    • Enter 25 digit mcafee product key
  3. You’ve successfully activated mcafee antivirus on your device.